Bank Robber Chest Rig

Height 5.00
Width 14.00
Depth 0.10
Color None Selected Required

The Bank Robber Chest Rig is a low profile minimalist chest worn load carriage system.


It is designed to work with either our Skinny Straps or Fat Straps set ups. It also requires a Back Strap to work properly. Shoulder and back straps are NOT included and must be purchased separately!

The Chest Rig is constructed entirely out of elastic material. This enables it to conform and retain oddly shaped items such as smoke grenades, flash bangs, magazines and tourniquets.  

The Bank Robber comes standard with 4 Elastic cells and two retention bungees designed to hold tourniquets or other like items. 

Due to the minimalist nature of the Bank Robber, it does not come with Velcro to mount sub loads or attach it to a plate carrier. 




*Shown with optional items, not included. 

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Many Applications
Written by @Suitup_tactical on Feb 13th 2018

If you are looking for a chest rig that is simple and sleek, pick up a Bank robber chest rig. Fits perfect under jackets and button up shirts (make sure to get an extra size of what you are for button up shirt) and over jackets and plate carriers. The magazine pouches can hold your standard ar15 30 /40, pistol mags, radio, bang energy drink/smoke or flashbangs. I like the shock cord attachments that can hold tourniquet or other stuff. The clips work with Haley Strategic harness. I was really pleased. Can wait to use this for training or at the gravel pit. Excellent rig IG @Suitup_tactical

This rig rocks!
Written by Erik Roll on Feb 11th 2018

Everything you need to carry what you need, nothing you don't. This is THE low profile chest rig to get. The materials are durable, the sewing is sturdy, and the retention of the pouches is great. Not much more to comment on. It's four pouches, six buckles, and two elastic retention bands of pure genius.

Bank Robber review
Written by Zach on Dec 5th 2017

BLUF: If you a looking for a no BS low vis carrier, that can hold everything needed to accomplish your mission, buy this rig. The rig is comfortable, lightweight and definitely low vis. The elastic carriers hold close to anything you’re willing to stuff in them, from a small med kit to grenades and water bottles. The side shock cord keepers are great for holding TQs and other slim items. The rig is small enough it will fit in my back pocket(without straps) and be easily deployed in any environment. Overall this lightweight rig has earned a permanent spot in my gear inventory. Great piece of kit, definitely recommend to anyone.