Micro Fight Skinny Strap

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The Micro Fight Skinny Straps excel at low visibility operations. Minimalist in nature, these ultra low visibility straps are great for those looking to conceal their Micro Fight Chest Rig under clothing. The Micro Fight Skinny Straps can be adjusted to a maximum length of 40 Inches from buckle to buckle and a minimum length of 6 Inches. 


NOTE: The SKINNY STRAP is part of the Micro Fight Chest Rig System. This item does not include the chassis, back strap, magazine inserts, or any other accessories.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


** Suggested Colors to properly match your Micro Fight Chest Rig System**

Chassis Color                      Strap Color

Multicam                              Multicam
Multicam Alpine                 Multicam Alpine
Multicam Arid                     Coyote
Multicam Black                   Jet Black
Multicam Tropic                 Ranger Green
Coyote                                  Coyote
Ranger Green                      Ranger Green
Jet Black                               Jet Black
Wolf Grey                             Wolf Grey
Woodland (M81)                 Olive Drab (M81)

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Item received !
Written by Pilotelle on Feb 7th 2018


Skinny Strap
Written by Mark W. on Dec 22nd 2017

The skinny strap is awesome. I'm 5'10" 185 pounds. My old rig was the original Haley Strategic D3CR which ran the H strap. For whatever reason I could never get it to feel/sit right on my body most likely due to my build. The H strap always felt like it was going to slip off my shoulders. I'm extremely happy with the skinny strap, it adjusts well and fits me perfectly!

Written by Tim Koury on Dec 10th 2017

It's a skinny strap. It works. It's comfortable It's the right color. Fits my Mk2. Why haven't you added it to your cart yet?

skinny person strap
Written by Russell on Jul 18th 2017

I am 5'10, 140 lbs, skinny guy and I originally thought the fat strap would be more comfortable because I like backpacks with wider shoulder straps so I got the fat strap first. The fat strap slips off my shoulders really easily and does not have enough retention to pull mags out due to my body type. I ordered the skinny strap and now the system is flawless. Way better for my build and I guess that makes sense because it is called a skinny strap. Hopefully this helps someone else out because I am an idiot. cheers