Death Before Dishonor

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Death Before Dishonor: more than a simple catch phrase to those who serve, it is a way of life. The road to Victory has always been paved on the backs of men and women who were willing to give it all for something more. Honor is more than a word, it is a condition of the human spirit. Wolves are perhaps one of the most honorable creatures. They live in a close-knit pack with an established hierarchy. They are intelligent and must know how to lead and follow based on their position in the pack. Wolves will defend one another and the pack at all costs. The Wolfpack embodies the principles of service, sacrifice, and honor. 

Image is black on a badass grey shirt.

This shirt was designed by Victor Wrench, the haute Texas based Art and Apparel Company. The Death Before Dishonor shirt and many other awesome products are available at

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Death Before Dishonor Shirt
Written by Billy on Oct 5th 2017

I love this shirt. It's ultra soft, my wife touches me more frequently when I wear it, so that's nice. The only negative I can think of is this shirt fits very small. I ordered a large (since I have outgrown smediums) and it was a bit small, that shirt got packed into a friends luggage, so I ordered an XL thinking, all my other XL shirts fit nicely. Wrong. Pre wash, This thing fits like a regular large after a wash. I'll probably have to give it to my puny brother in law and order a double X. I'm not sure I'm ready for that stage in my life, but, I have been making some solid muscle gains, so I'll blame it on that.

Now I'm immortal
Written by Amber on May 30th 2017

Ever put on a T shirt that actually changes your physiological state from human to sheer immortal? Yeah... I hadn't till this baby came in the mail. If you need me I'll be saving orphanages from fires and fighting Isis.

Great shirt!!
Written by Nelson on Feb 26th 2017

This t-shirt is probably the most comfortable t-shirt I've worn and the slogan Death Before Dishonor is a time honored component of warfare that anyone who has served will be proud to wear. Buy yourself one, you won't regret it.